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Resources tagged "Diabetes"

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MiPCT Care Management Webinar

Jun 24 2015

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Presented by

Tammy Minor RN, BSN, CDE


Diabetes Pathophysiology

An overview of type I and type II diabetes from WebMD


Diabetes Goal Tracker

Diabetes goal tracker mobile app from the American Association of Diabetes Educators

Clinical Guidelines

Guidelines for Clinical Care - Diabetes

Clinical guidelines for diabetes from the University of Michigan Health System


Self-care behaviors for diabetes

Discusses seven key areas developed through the American Association of Diabetes Educators


Patient Education Handouts

Patient education handouts from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics covering insulin use, meal planning, tips for a healthy weight and many more.

Clinical Guidelines

Diabetic Guidelines - ADA

2016 American Diabetes Association Diabetes Guidelines Summary Recommendations from the National Diabetes Education Initiative


Type II Diabetes Management

Diabetes Self-Management Education and Support for Adults with Type II diabetes from the American Diabetes Association.


Diabetes Toolkit

Diabetes toolkit from the University of Illinois at Chicago