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Reference Guide

Hypertension Management Action Guide for Health Care Providers

From the Georgia Department of Public Health. Step by step guide to discussing hypertension with the patient.

MiPCT Webinar

Jul 10 2013

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Maureen E. Irwin, RD, PA-C, Care Manager, Administrative Network, Inc., Oakland Southfield Physicians, PC Dawn Rodman, MS, CWHC, CPT, Michigan Health and Wellness 4X4 Plan Coordinator, MDCH Annemarie Hodges, MA, Public Health Consultant, Arthritis Program, MDCH

Reference Guide

Hypertension and Your Kidneys

From the National Kidney Foundation. Provides and overview of hypertension, treatment and its impact on the kidneys.


Hypertension Practice Process - Clinical Pathways

Provides information of standard of care, educational information, teaching materials and community and Health professional resources


Hypertension and Diet

From the journal Hypertension. Multiple dietery factors and the effect on blood pressure


Hypertension Education

Educational Interventions for Improving Control of Blood Pressure in Patients with Hypertension: A Systematic review Protocol