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Pediatric Offices Hours

Apr 24 2018

Presented by

Jane Turner, MD, FAAP

Professor Health Programs, Pediatrics and Human Development, Michigan State University


Protocol for Responding to and Assessing Patient's Assets, Risks and Experiences

In this chapter of the guide, provides practices with guidance and examples on ways to address or reduce risks for social determinants

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Using the Teach Back technique

From the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality

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Health Literacy and Shared Decision Making

From the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. Provides techniques to help the clinician communicate effectively with the patient with low health literacy

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Essential Steps of Shared Decision Making

From the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. The shared decisionmaking process begins when your patient has a health problem that needs a treatment decision. Utilizes a five step process for determining what is most important to a patient.

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Shared decision Making with Conversation Starters

Offers sample conversation starters for you to consider as you engage in meaningful discussions with your patients about their health care options.

MiCMRC Educational Webinar

Jan 17 2018

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Presented by

Natalie Pirkola, Pharm D, MBA, CCM, CPHIMS, BCACP


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Overcoming Communication Barriers with Your Patients

From the American Healthcare Research and Quality. Addresses communication barriers between clinicians and their patients


Tips for Conducting a Patient Medication Interview

From the Agency for Healthcare Quality and Research. Adapted from the Joint Commission Resources and the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists Reconciliation Handbook.



Hypertension and Diet

From the journal Hypertension. Multiple dietery factors and the effect on blood pressure