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American Academy of Pediatrics

AAP's Resilience Project featuring TED Talk with Nadine Burke-Harris as well as additional information.


MDHHS Adverse Childhood Experiences

Has a broad array of information about trauma, it's impact and strategies for trauma informaed practices in a variety of settings. The Building trauma-Informed Systems section has a health care component with links to the AAP's Resilience Project and Nadine Burke-Harris' TED Talk as well as other information.



Building Michigan's Trauma-Informed System for Children and Their Families

Here you will find information about trauma & toxic stress, the impact on health and development and ways to lessen negative outcomes.

Community Resources

Washtenaw Trauma Informed Collaborative (WTIC) of Washtenaw County

Provides additional information about the effects of trauma on a child's developing brain.



What's My ACEs Score

Example of the ACEs screening tool


*Note: Provided as example only. Check with your practice's processes before utilizing


The Adverse Childhood Experience Study


Approaches to Workforce Development to Support Care Management

A Guide to Resources, Promising Practices, and Tools


Care Management of Patients with Complex Health Care Needs

From the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Synthesis Project


Complex Care Management Toolkit

Toolkit summarizes ideas to improve an existing complex care program, or implement a new one

MiCMRC/MiPCT Educational Webinar

Jan 25 2016

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Webinar replay video

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Sarah Kile B.S. Executive Director