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Best Practices

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Best Practices

Lifetime Family Care was the recipient of the best overall diabetes practice winner in 2016.

When asked what made the difference they stated it was communication, communication, communication.

Increasing Practice Efficiencies, a Top Priority for Alcona Health Centers

Alcona Health Centers (AHC) were experiencing inefficiencies in closing gaps in care due to inadequate staffing, lack of consistent workflows, and a failure to utilize the full potential of the electronic medical record. In addition, inconsistent outreach to patients and documentation in the EMR hindered the communication of the clinical staff. Finally, redundancy existed between their Quality Improvement/Quality Assurance (QI/QA) committee workgroups, and the work of a newly formed Care Management Department.

Patient Engagement is the Key

The practice uses multiple ways to engage our community, families and patients. Recently the practice started using Facebook to get information out to both current and potential families in our area on important health information, seasonal concerns and news about the practice.


It Takes a Trusting Relationship with the Patient and the Family To Achieve Quality Care

Cornerstone Family Practice was selected as a 2015 MiPCT Best Practice site based on high HEDIS scores in preventative measures. The practice achieved this by finding ways to establish a trusting relationship with patients and families and the care team. This was done through development of shared tools. Cornerstone Family Practice’s tag line is “Your Foundation for Good Health”.

Ensuring that Reviewing and Improving Quality Care is a Priority

Cherry Health Westside knew the importance of having HEDIS measures integrated into patient care provided by all staff.


Team Members Share a Responsibility in Helping to Meet HEDIS Measures

With 100,000 patients visiting the UMHS Canton Health Center practice annually, the practice needed a robust system to ensure that quality patient care is rendered at every visit and that gaps in care are closed. Their system starts with clearly defined team roles, shared responsibility, accountability, team problem solving, recognition and rewarding staff for key successes.

Improving Access to the Medical Neighborhood and Reducing Gaps in Asthma Management

In 2015 the Briarwood Center for Women, Children and Young Adults received the best-practice award for most improved pediatric practice. This was due in large part to the hard work and dedication of its staff and commitment to their patients. There was a need to better connect patients with community resources within the medical neighborhood as well as develop a need to reduce its gaps in care with asthma management. So what made a difference in their practice?

Ensuring the Ability to Continue Patient-Centered Medical Home Capabilities

In 2015 Pediatric Consultants of Troy received the best practice award for the best overall pediatric practice. The practice needed to provide appointment at times which worked for their patients. In addition, there was a need to increase organization around patient appointments to ensure all areas were being addressed including, self-management goals, setting future appointments, and closing gaps in care. Learn more about their strategies to address these issues.