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The Briarwood Center for Women, Children and Young Adults

Improving Access to the Medical Neighborhood and Reducing Gaps in Asthma Management

Situation: In 2015 the Briarwood Center for Women, Children and Young Adults received the best-practice award for most improved pediatric practice. This was due in large part to the hard work and dedication of its staff and commitment to their patients. There was a need to better connect patients with community resources within the medical neighborhood as well as develop a need to reduce its gaps in care with asthma management. So what made a difference in their practice?

Strategy: To start, the practice received a high level of support and direction from their leadership in ambulatory care. In addition, when speaking with Jennet Malone, Administrative Manager, she stated one of the biggest impacts on the practice was the development of a multidisciplinary Medical Home Committee which allowed input from multiple disciplines to provide the necessary resources for their patients by linking community services to the patient’s needs. Furthermore, the development of standard work flows, setting clear goals and objectives and obtaining and understanding key reports and data kept the practice in focus. One area in particular was the need to reduce its gaps in care related to asthma, the group developed an asthma workflow designed to reduce the gaps they were seeing in its management of asthma. This workflow helped the practice to be more efficient with its assessment and treatment plans for their patients. The Briarwood Center also had some helpful hints for its fellow practices. First, make sure you have the right people at the table. Don’t wait for others to provide you with the answers. Meet regularly, keep good notes and make sure there is good follow up and follow through. Finally, share your project/idea with as many people as you can. But most importantly, celebrate your improvements as you go along. For more information contact Jennet Malone @