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Care Management 101

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Step 2: Care Management Basics

(Updated October 25, 2017)

Step 2 provides additional links to recorded webinars and resources to facilitate the Care Manager's growth including chronic condition pages, topic pages and care management assessment and screening tools.



Michigan Care Management Resource Center Webinars

The Michigan Care Management Resource Center offers a library of over 100 webinars* to help enrich the care manager and team member's learning. Among those recommended include:

  • Case Load Managment
  • Motivational Interviewing
  • Chronic Condition Specific Webinars
  • Pain Management
  • Gaps in Care Process Improvement
  • Advance Care Planning

*Qualifies for Longitudinal Learning Credits



Care Management Billing Resources

Within the Care Mangement BIlling Resource Page, you will find billing resources as they relate to specific programs. To access the documents Click Here.


Care Management Assessment & Screening Tools

Contains various assessment tools reviewed during the Complex Care Management course. These tools are available to download and are in PDF format. Please remember to check with your practice and what assessment tools they utilize in their daily practice. To access these tools Click Here.

Chronic Condition Pages


Chronic Condition Pages

Each Chronic Condition page offers:

  • Help care managers assist patients who suffer from specific chronic conditions
  • Provide a framework for care management interventions
  • Present various resources dedicated to the education of both the care manger and the patient
  • Provide quick access to tools to be used in patient care setting

In addition, Chronic Condition pages provide:

  • Disease definition
  • Evidenced based guidelines
  • Action plan
  • Care management interventions
  • Patient interventions
  • Care management quick tools
  • Patient handouts
  • Care management learning resources

To access the Chronic Conditions' resources Click Here.