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Asthma Toolkit - Wee Breathers

Wee Breathers from the Asthma Allergy Foundation of America. Toolkit is designed for children, however works well with individuals as a low-literacy tool.


Asthma Guideline Implementation Steps & Tools

(GIST) program combines provider education and practice redesign to improve the use of asthma guideline-based care by clinicians. The materials condense the guidelines into five tools that include all of the age groups.

Community Resources

Managing Asthma Through Case Management in Homes

Available in 5 Michigan communities and includes: home visits with environmental assessment; social worker help for psychosocial intervention; joint consultation with client, primary care provider and case manager; and a school, daycare or worksite visit as appropriate.

MiPCT Webinar

Feb 20 2013

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Karen Meyerson, MSN, RN, FNP‐C, AE‐C Tisa Vorce, RRT, MA


Asthma Education

Free educational material for both adults and children from the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America. Includes Quick Asthma Cards, Student Action Cards and Checklists



Michigan Asthma Resource Kit (MARK) from the Asthma Initiative of Michigan to assist health care professionals and their office staff members in caring for persons with asthma in accordance with nationally established guidelines.


Asthma Fast Facts for Kids

Gives a quick guide to asthma focusing on children from the CDC


Community Healthcare for Asthma Management and Prevention of Symptoms (CHAMPS)

A how-to guide on the implementation of the CHAMPS interventions. Includes education materials, questionaires and forms.