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Ensuring that Reviewing and Improving Quality Care is a Priority

Cherry Health Westside knew the importance of having HEDIS measures integrated into patient care provided by all staff.


Patient Engagement is the Key

The practice uses multiple ways to engage our community, families and patients. Recently the practice started using Facebook to get information out to both current and potential families in our area on important health information, seasonal concerns and news about the practice.


Increasing Practice Efficiencies, a Top Priority for Alcona Health Centers

Alcona Health Centers (AHC) were experiencing inefficiencies in closing gaps in care due to inadequate staffing, lack of consistent workflows, and a failure to utilize the full potential of the electronic medical record. In addition, inconsistent outreach to patients and documentation in the EMR hindered the communication of the clinical staff. Finally, redundancy existed between their Quality Improvement/Quality Assurance (QI/QA) committee workgroups, and the work of a newly formed Care Management Department.