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Chronic Conditions

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Heart Failure Pathophysiology

Provides basic pathophysiology for the care manager


Diabetes Pathophysiology

An overview of type I and type II diabetes from WebMD


Heart Failure Medications

Provides information regarding common heart failure medications, their use and side effects from Intermountain Health Care System.


Critical Conditions

A community education program helping people understand the importance of planning for their end-of-life medical care, this comprehensive advanced care planning program developed by Georgia Health Decisions includes the CRITICAL Conditions Planning Guide

MPTCQ Webinar

Sep 11 2017

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Presented by

Michigan Pharmacists Transforming Care and Quality

MICMT Educational Webinar

Feb 27 2019

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Presented by

Tamah Gustafson MPH, CHES

Public Health Consultant

Diabetes and Kidney Disease Unit

Michigan Department of Health and Human Services


Heart Failure Action Plan

Guide for patients to help monitor and recognize signs and symptoms of their disease and collaboration with their provider.