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Resources tagged "Pediatrics"

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Pediatric Webinar

Aug 15 2014

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Presented by

Jane Turner, MD


Lansky Scale

Similar to the Karnofsky tool, helps to determine functional status in patients less than 16 years of age


The Alliance for Immunization in Michigan Coalition

The AIM Coalition focuses on improving on all facets of immunization services in Michigan

Pediatric Office Hours

Dec 13 2017

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Presented by

Claire D. Olgren, MD FHPA

Susan Wakefield, MD Medical Director WAFC

Community Resources

Pediatric Oncology Resources

MiCMRC Educational Webinar

Aug 12 2016

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CE credits have expired and they are no longer available for this activity

*These handouts are intended as examples only. We recommend you use what would be best for your practice

Webinar replay video

Presented by

Jane Turner, MD Professor HP, Pediatrics and Human Development

Laurisa Cummings, LMSW, MiPCT Pediatric Clinical Lead, Children's Medical Group of Saginaw Bay


Michigan Trauma Toxic Stress Website

Delivers a broad array of information about trauma, it's impact and strategies for trauma informed practices in a variety of settings. The Building Trauma-Informed Systems section provides a health care component with links to the AAP's Resilience Project and Nadine Burke-Harris' TED talk as well as other information.