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Care Manager Orientation


MiCMRC supports networking statewide as Michigan Practices and Physician Organizations share their care manager (CM) orientation and onboarding tools and resources.

The sources for CM orientation and onboarding tools and resources include:

  • Materials shared by Michigan Physician Organizations and practices
  • Evidence based literature
  • Michigan Care Management Resource Center

If you have CM orientation/onboarding tools and or resources you would like to submit for sharing statewide, please contact micmrc-requests@med.umich.edu

Care Manager orientation resources and tools may be used to enhance an existing care manager orientation program, assist with building and effective care manager orientation, and address onboarding for new care managers. Successful care manager orientation and onboarding programs assist practices in producing outcomes which improve quality and decrease cost.

Care Manager Orientation Cornerstones

There are three cornerstones of an effective Care Manager orientation

1. Orientation to the care manager role and responsibilities

2. Orientation to the practice environment, the people and the work 

3. Orientation to the population of patients seen by the practice


Orientation - more administrative in nature and typically involves the completion of new hire paperwork, enrolling in benefit plans and learning the mission, values and vision of the organization

Onboarding - long term focus aimed at identifying training needs, setting performance goals, providing on-going feedback, and ensuring the new employee is a positive addition to your team.

When used together, orientation and onboarding help establish organizational commitment, clarity of job tasks, and job satisfaction.

Onboarding a Care Manager? Consider MiCMRC Care Management 101

Care Management 101 is a suggested road map of staged content for the new Care Manager (CM) to guide developmental activities over the first year. It may be used as a self-assessment checklist to identify areas of strengths and gaps to create customized self-study curriculum.

Care Manager Job Description

Provides examples of job descriptions and roles for care managers


Care Manager Job Descriptions

Job descriptions for both Moderate and Complex Care Managers (MiCMRC)


Provides tools to help guide the new care manager


Care Management 101

Provides a roadmap for new care managers, including suggestions for learning and development (MiCMRC).


Algorithm - 5 Step Process

This document presents a suggested process, which may be altered as needed to fit your practice/Physician Organization (MiCMRC)


Care Manager Scripting

Provides an example of a script when explaining care management to patients (MiCMRC)


Introductory Flyers

Flyers to introduce Care Manager and Care Management Services


Care Management Information Flyer

Provides an example of a flyer explaining care management services to a patient (submitted by Michigan Medicine)


What Does Embedment Look Like

Provides a set of questions for care managers to explore how care team members work together to provide patient care.


Acronym List

Provides definitions for various acronyms used by various programs across the state (MiCMRC)


Assessing Team Roles and Tasks Worksheet

This is an example of a planning tool, to assess who is currently doing what tasks in your practice and then who should be doing each task, based on how we learned that LEAP sites define clear roles and responsibilities (Robert Wood Johnson Foundation)


PHO Employee Orientation Checklist

Provided by Covenant Primary Care Partners, Inc.


New Care Manager Checklist

Provided by Great Lakes Organized Systems of Care


Elevator Speech

Tool to help explain Care Management Services Provided by Great Lakes Organized Systems of Care


Orientation Plan: Ambulatory Care Management

Provided by Henry Ford Health System

Reference Guide

Michigan 2-1-1 Information Guide

Provides informaiton on community resources in the state


MDHHS Educational Materials

MDHHS no cost educational materials for patients


Provides toolkits to help guide and improve complex care management programs


Complex Care Management Toolkit

Toolkit summarizes ideas to improve an existing complex care program, or implement a new one


Provides resources around workforce development and training for care management


Center for Health Care Strategies

Strategies for Hiring and training Care Managers in integrated Programs Serving Medicare-Medicaid Beneficiaries


Advisory Board Briefing

Addresses the needs of your rising risk patients. Executive Summary. 2017 Advisory Board, Population Health Advisor