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SIM - PCMH Initiative

(Updated  October 22nd, 2018)

Michigan received a State Innovation Model grant from Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services (CMS) to test delivery and payment system changes.

The State Innovation Model SIM) focuses on the development and testing of multi-payer health care payment and service delivery models in order to achieve better care coordination, lower costs, and improved health outcomes for Michiganders. The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) is implementing this initiative. The State Innovation Model (SIM) in Michigan implements the strategies that were outlined in the Blueprint for Health Innovation and facilitate the development and testing of new multi-payer health care payment and services delivery models in Michigan.

  • Strategies focus on moving towards cost-effective use of healthcare dollars overall in terms of patient experience and quality outcomes.
  • System that coordinates care within the medical system to improve disease management and utilization; and out into the community to address social determinants of health.

State Innovation Model (SIM) funding and activities will support all accepted previous MiPCT practices across the State, and expand the number of PCMH practices participating in the five SIM regions.

Embedded Care Management and Coordination staff members function as integral, fully-involved members of every participating Care Team.

  1. The following types of professionals are eligible to serve as a Care Manager:
    • Registered Nurse
    • Licensed Practical Nurse
    • Nurse Practitioner
    • Licensed Master’s Social Worker
    • Licensed Professional Counselor
    • Licensed Pharmacist
    • Registered Dietician
    • Physician Assistant
  2. The following types of professionals are eligible to serve as a Care Coordinator:

To access the SIM PCMH web page Click Here.

To access the SIM PCMH Initiative Participation Guide Click Here.

To access the SIM PCMH Care Management and Care Coordination Tracking Codes Click Here.


SIM PCMH Initial Training Requirements

SIM Care Coordinators and Care Managers are required to complete the following initial training:

A. Each Care Manager and Care Coordinator must complete a Self-Management Support Program approved by the PCMH Initiative/MiCMRC within six months of hire.

  • The MICMT-Approved Self-Management Support Program Summary provides a list and description of these programs.
  • The SIM PCMH Initiative has partnered with three organizations to offer Self-management Support training. If the SIM Care Coordinator and Care Manager complete a Self Management Support course through one of the approved vendors, Michigan Center for Clinical Systems Improvement (MiCCSI), Practice Transformation Institute (PTI), or Integrated Health Partners (IHP), then the PCMH Initiative will cover the cost of the course. Note the cost of the course will be covered only for SIM CC and CM participants who have not previously completed a self-management support course. (See SIM PCMH Initiative Participation Guide)

B. Each Care Manager (in addition to the Self-Management Support Program as stated above) must complete a Complex Care Management Course.

The CCM course is provided by Michigan Institute for Care Management and Transformation. New in 2019, MICMT approves Statewide Trainer organizations to deliver the standardized curriculum for the Complex Care Management course. Care Managers may select a CCM course as indicated below. To learn more about the standardized CCM course curriculum and available courses:

  • MICMT Complex Care Management Course (course delivered by MICMT) - Click Here
  • MICMT Approved Statewide Trainer Complex Care Management course (course delivered by an approved Statewide Trainer Organization) - Click Here

C. In addition to the above, both Care Managers and Coordinators, newly hired or existing must complete on line training via webinar(s) & eLearning modules as indicated in the table below. Access to the on line training is located at the bottom of this page.

Note: Exisitng Care Coordiantors and Care Managers that have completed the MiCMRC approved self-management course and/or the MiCMRC Complex Care Management course are not required to attend the courses again.


Longitudinal Learning Activity Requirements per Year   Updated April 16, 2019

The PCMH Initiative maintains the expectation that all Care Managers and Coordinators will maintain their current licensure/certification, including the requirements to seek continuing education approved by the appropriate professional organization/association. The requirement of training throughout the year is termed “longitudinal learning activity.”

New change for 2019:

To support this expectation, the Initiative requires each Care Manager and Care Coordinator must complete a total of eight (8) hours of education per year. A certificate of completion should be maintained for audit purposes.



SIM PCMH Required Self-Study Modules

PCMH Initiative Care Manager and Care Coordinator intial training requirements:

*Please note that the webinars listed below are only eligible for a Certificate of Completion.

Social Determinants of Health

Jul 26 2017

To receive a certificate of completion Click Here

Social Determinants of Health

Jul 26 2017

To receive a certificate of completion Click Here.

Social determinants of Health

Jul 26 2017

This case study will apply knowledge obtained from the Social Determinants of Health: Implications for Care Management eLearning module.

To receive a certificate of completion Click Here.

SIM PCMH Initiative

Mar 7 2017


  • Define the State Innovation Model PCMH Initiative
  • Describe the participation and training requirements

To obtain a certificate of completion Click Here.

Webinar replay video

SIM PCMH Initiative Webinar

Mar 8 2017


  • Describe three evidence based models: Chronic Care Model, Patient Centered medical Home, and Accountable Care Organization
  • Identify the importance and impact of the three models on delivery of patient care in the primary care setting
  • Identify the care manager role in the models

To obtain a certificate of completion Click Here.

Webinar replay video