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Pediatric Office Hours

Jun 6 2018

Pediatric Office Hours: ACES and SDOH Screening

Presented by

Jane Turner, MD, FAAP

Professor Health Programs, Pediatrics and Human Development, Michigan State University

Jodi L. Spicer, MA

Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES)/Youth Suicide Prevention Consultant

Division of Chronic Disease and Injury Control

Michigan Department of Health and Human Services


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Pediatric SDOH Screening Tool

Example of an SDOH screening tool for a pediatric practice.  This SDOH tool has been modified for a pediatric practice.  SIM practices please note; SIM PCMH Initiative is not requiring use of this specific tool.   SIM MDHHS encourages providers to adapt the adult SDOH tool to meet the needs of the practice’s patient population, ensuring alignment with the domains.  MDHHS will review the practice’s SDOH tool upon request. If you wish to have an SDOH tool reviewed by MDHSS, please submit the tool to MDHHS-SIMPCMH@michigan.gov mailbox.  Please see the SIM PCMH Initiative Participation Guide to access the SDOH screening tool and the intent; click here.

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