Programs MiCMRC Supports

MiCMRC provides training and support for the following statewide Care Management initiatives:

The MiCMRC/MiPCT Complex Care Management course is designed to prepare the healthcare professional for the role of Complex Care Manager. Course Content is applicable to all care managers in the ambulatory care setting working with complex patients.

MiCMRC Care Manager Webinar

Wednesday, January 18, 2017 - 2:00pm

Family Caregiver Health

Presented by

Donna Yadrich, MPA

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Michigan Care Management Resource Center (MiCMRC) assists and supports Michigan primary care practices as they continue to build upon their current Patient Centered Medical Home capabilities. The key areas of focus include Care Management, Self-Management Support, Care Coordination, and Linkages to the Community. The MiCMRC provides a mechanism to integrate the collective experiences from around the state.

Statewide, MiCMRC provides evidence based standardized in person Complex Care Management Training, hosts virtual education/webinars, and offers a library of recorded webinars, resources, and tools for Care Managers, Physician Organizations, Physician Hospital Organizations, and Primary Care Physician Practices

MiCMRC provides clinical support for the Michigan Primary Care Transformation demonstration, High Intensity Care Management, BCBSM Provider Directed Care Management (PDCM) Phase III and BCBSM PDCM Oncology program.

Primary care practices and Physician Organizations engaged in Care Management activities are encouraged to continue to develop their existing models and to contribute tools and best practices to MiCMRC to assist with dissemination of care management throughout the state. Contact us