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Chronic Conditions

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Clinical Guidelines

Guidelines for Clinical Care - Diabetes

Clinical guidelines for diabetes from the University of Michigan Health System


Evaluation of Patients for Ventricular Dysfunction and Heart Failure

Provides information regarding evaluation of ventricular dysfunction and heart failure and the three groups patients fall into. From the Journal of Cardiac Failure.


Hypertension Pathophysiology

The ABCs of hypertension from the National Institute of Health


Towards a multi-disciplinary approach to understand and manage obesity and related diseases

Looks at views of obesity from various clinician viewpoints, as well as its impact on quality of life and impact on other diseases. From the Journal of Clinical Nutrition

MiPCT Webinar

Jul 10 2013

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Presented by

Maureen E. Irwin, RD, PA-C, Care Manager, Administrative Network, Inc., Oakland Southfield Physicians, PC Dawn Rodman, MS, CWHC, CPT, Michigan Health and Wellness 4X4 Plan Coordinator, MDCH Annemarie Hodges, MA, Public Health Consultant, Arthritis Program, MDCH


Self-care behaviors for diabetes

Discusses seven key areas developed through the American Association of Diabetes Educators


Medication Fact Sheets

Information sheets on common heart failure medications.


Hypertension Toolkit

The Toolkit for Improving Hypertension Care & Outcomes presents several evidence-based strategies that health care provider organizations can use to improve hypertension control among their patients. Developed by the  Wisconsin Collaborative for Healthcare Quality. Free signup is required to access the toolkit.


Clinical Pharmacist Services in a Multidisciplinary Weight Management Clinic

Medications are important in the management strategy, and pharmacists can enhance the care provided. From the Journal of Healthcare for the Poor and Underserved